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[Album] Building Hits 2007 outubro 9, 2007

Posted by wikibr in Album, Música.

Disco 1
01. Alone(12,18 MB)
02. Movin’ On(3,21 MB)
03. Lovely(3,42 MB)
04. Shinning Star(3,24 MB)
05. White Horse(3,48 MB)
06. Electrize(3,46 MB)
07. The Time of My Life(2,74 MB)
08. Your Body(3,15 MB)
09. You Came(3,41 MB)
10. Still the Same(3,32 MB)
11. You See the Trouble With Me(3,22 MB)
12. Get Up Stand Up(2,59 MB)
13. People Are Still Having Sex 2006(3,95 MB)
14. Perfection(3,11 MB)
15. Army of Lovers(3,72 MB)
16. Rock With You(3,18 MB)
17. In My Mind(2,48 MB)
18. S.O.S.(3,68 MB)
19. Let´s Get Loud(2,97 MB)
20. I Wish(2,73 MB)

Disco 2
01. World, Hold On(2,98 MB)
02. You Gonna Want Me(3,27 MB)
03. Alright(3,29 MB)
04. Shake It!(2,76 MB)
05. Dero´s Illusion(3,63 MB)
06. Fly Away(3,29 MB)
07. My Arms Keep Missing You(3,32 MB)
08. Take Yo Praise(2,96 MB)
09. Heaven(3,36 MB)
10. Mama(3,28 MB)
11. Gonna Get Your Love(3,28 MB)
12. Here For You(3,57 MB)
13. Here On My Own(3,03 MB)
14. Pret-A-Porter(3,55 MB)
15. Move It(3,02 MB)
16. Somebody´s Watching Me(2,54 MB)
17. Desire(3,32 MB)
18. Rockin´Bass(3,73 MB)
19. Apache Rocks the Bottom(3,39 MB)
20. Whos Your Daddy(3,17 MB)



1. Saquinho - outubro 9, 2007

Gostei do cd muito bom.

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